A Conversation with Digital Nomad Uptin Saiidi (@uptin). A CNBC International Journalist Who Turns to be a Content Creator

Life as a digital nomad can be fun & exciting. You have the freedom and flexibility to live and travel around the world while making an income purely through internet activities. You don’t need to be in one specific location to work. Furthermore, it’s expected there would be an increased number of digital nomads post-pandemic. Many people don’t want to return to the office since it’s proven when working remotely, their productivity is increased and it’s also good for their mental health. By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. Another recent Gartner CFO survey revealed that over two-thirds (74%) plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the Covid-19 crisis ends. Some big companies are already paving the way. Twitter and Facebook have told their employees that they could work remotely for an indefinite time, even after offices reopen.

But being a digital nomad is not always easy as it might sound, depending on what your industry is. Hence, learning from another fellow Digital Nomad who’s been living this lifestyle for quite some time and has proven successful is beneficial for us, the digital nomads, and also for you who are aspiring to follow the same paths.

I had a nice conversation with Uptin about his experience living an exciting life as a Digital Nomad, his decision to be a full-time content creator, and how he is building his new business. Uptin Saiidi is an American who is used to be a journalist in CNBC International covering mostly economic & tech-related news. He was based in Hong Kong & Singapore, but now living nomadically while creating content from around the world. You can watch his travel videos and sometimes in-depth reporting on his Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube @uptin. My fav is his reports about current economic & life situations in Beirut, Lebanon. Uptin also works with Drew Binsky, a world traveler and video creator, who just finished visiting every country in the world.

What makes you interested being an independent content creator?  

Now is the time for personal brands.  In the past 5 years, we’ve seen people like Nas Daily — who’s become a friend of mine, create an audience of more than 30 million people.  This is bigger than many news outlets entire audience sizes on social media.  People want to connect with people, not companies.  So it was my time to build my own content.

Are you still working for the CNBC international?

I am occasionally freelancing for big media, including CNBC.

Could you please tell us about the channel/ company you build, Uptin? 

Uptin is all about creating content about tech, money as it relates to various cultures.  I make regular videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.  Why are young Lebanese leaving their country at a fast rate?  Why is San Francisco never going to be the same again.  What will the future of self driving cars be?  These are all questions I answer in a fun, engaging and relatable way.

What do you aim to achieve by creating contents for Uptin channel? 

I want to share stories and help people learn something.  There is a lot of shallow content on the internet.  I want to educate, inform and inspire others to learn something new about how economies work, how tech is transforming our lives and how cultures vary across the world.

Do you consider yourself as a digital nomad? And why? 

Yes! I’m 100% digital nomad.  The past year, I’ve lived in Hong Kong, California, Dubai, Turkey and Lebanon — spending more than a month in each location.  I love immersing myself in different cultures and then telling stories about what I’m seeing. I think we will see a surge in digital nomads in the coming years, as work continues to be done remotely. 

Do you have aim to educate your viewers about certain issues/ topics? If yes, what is it?

Yes, I want to aim my audience about tech, money, economics and cultures.  Right now, we have so many travel content creators, and comedy content creators, but I am to bring a level of information and insight that was once only found in newspapers and TV, but into social media.

Whats the obstacles and challenges you’ve been facing as a content creator/ digital nomad? 

I’ve faced very few challenges thus far, luckily, but I think that’s largely because of setting proper expectations.  I started my YouTube channel with 0 subscribers just 6 months ago, so I knew the views would be low — that would be expected.  I told myself, I was going to be doing this for the longterm and I made a commitment to create 3 new videos each week — no matter what.  And I haven’t missed one video.

Do yo make a lot of money by working independently? 

The best part about working independently is that your income is determined by you and how hard you’re willing to work.  The value of your work is determined by the global market, rather than a single person or company. 

Could you please share tips how to make living by being digital nomad ?

There are more ways than ever to work remotely and make your living. Figure out what you’re good at it, and find the way to make money off of it.  You can build up your clients and try to get longterm clients, like 6-12 months so you have a sense of guaranteed income.  

What kind of skills someone should master to be a content creator and digital nomad ?

I am teaching at the Nas Academy – and it’s an incredible place to learn how to be a content creator. We’ve already had thousands of students learn how to make interesting and engaging videos, not to mention it gives people community.

You’ve lived in some countries. Whts your favorite city/ countey to live? And why?

Right now I’m living in Lebanon and I’m absolutely loving it!  The people in Lebanon are incredibly welcoming and fun people. I thought I would stay for just a week!

Where will you be traveling after Lebanon?. 

Not sure! I am living in the present moment!

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