Experience of Taking Tennis Lessons in Bali, Indonesia

Tennis Bali

A few reasons why I am in love with life in Bali is because it’s very easy to access mother nature and there are plenty of options to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I mean, there are many hassles I find in Jakarta if I want to build a healthy routine. But in Bali, if I wanna go to the beach, I just need to walk for 2 minutes. It’s also very easy running around the neighborhood, there are way fewer people and vehicles passing by. More so, I am surrounded by friends who have similar interests. The latest sport I’ve been trying is tennis in Bali.

It’s nice to know that I am living pretty close to 2 well-known sports centers, Finns Recreation Club in Canggu and Liga Tennis Center & Academy in Umalas. My friend who has been playing tennis in Bali for quite a while recommends I pick Liga. As a beginner, the first thing I have to do is to download their app on my phone and sign up for a beginner class. For an hour beginner class, I paid Rp.150.000,- ($10,5) including with the racket that can be borrowed by students. As I am busy in the daytime, I chose a night class at 8 PM. It’s very easy to reach the place. I just need to drive for 10 minutes with my scooter from my home in Berawa. Love it.

Tennis Bali

The lesson on tennis in Bali was fun. The coach taught us basic lessons to play tennis, such as how to hit the ball, how to do forehand strokes and backhand volleys, and of course picking up the balls. There were 4 other girls who were training with me at the time and from what I’d seen, they seemed to like it as well. One time lesson is certainly not enough for me to be a good tennis player. According to the coach, it takes 5-6 lessons before I could play tennis well.

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Liga Tennis Umalas itself is a nice tennis complex that consists of several tennis courts both indoor and outdoor. Besides tennis lessons, everyone can play there by renting the court hourly. I’ve done it on the 2nd visit. We paid Rp.275.000,- ($19,38) for renting the court for an hour. A racket is not provided so we have to bring ours or rent it there for Rp.75.000,- ($5,3) each. We played tennis with new friends from China and Russia and we split the cost with 4 of us. It was hard to play tennis in Bali since I am still new to this and haven’t even finished my beginner lessons 😦

Tennis Bali

However, I find playing tennis in Bali is fun, entertaining, and healthy since I move my body pretty much. It is also a good way to socialize and meet new people on the island. There is a small cafe next to the courts where I and my friend could sit and watch people playing tennis. Believe me, it’s a nice view. People who play tennis in Bali come from all around the world and they’re in a good shape. Quite the opposite of men in Jakarta who start to get fat after turning 25 years old hahaha. I definitely gonna return to continue my class someday in Liga Tennis Bali.

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