Bali, Indonesia Kicks Off Quarantine-Free Travel Program. Visa On Arrival Is Back For Tourist!

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Good news for travelers who have been waiting to travel to Bali, Indonesia! Now you could enter Bali with no longer require quarantine. Travelers from 23 countries are also allowed to enter Bali using Visa On Arrival. Want to visit other islands in Indonesia? Now you could take flights without taking antigen/ PCR tests.

Bali Quarantine-Free Pilot Program

On Monday, March 7, 2022, the Indonesian holiday island Bali welcomed its first foreign tourists under relaxed coronavirus rules that no longer require quarantine. Under the pilot program, fully vaccinated tourists now can skip a mandatory three-day quarantine, though they need to remain on the island for four days. Indonesia starts the pilot program in order to compete with neighboring countries’ tourism and as part of efforts for recovering Indonesia’s tourism industry. If the pilot program went well, all foreign visitors entering Indonesia (not only Bali) would no longer be required to quarantine from April 1 or earlier, said Luhut Pandjaitan, a minister appointed to oversee the Covid-19 response told a news conference.


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Now that quarantine requirement is no longer standing in your way to Bali, what are you waiting for? Let’s pack the bags and take flights to Bali! But first, make sure you meet the requirements to be able to travel to Bali without needing to be quarantined :

1. Fully vaccinated/ get a booster.
2. Showing proof of paid hotel booking in Bali for 4 days or proof of residency in Bali if you’re an Indonesian citizen.
3. Travelers should take an entry-PCR test and wait in the hotel room until getting the test result.
4. Travelers will be allowed to leave the hotel if the entry-PCR test result is negative.
5. Travelers require to take the 2nd PCR test on the 3rd day in the hotel.
6. Travelers should be using travel insurance that covers Covid-19.

Visa On Arrival Is Reintroduced For 23 Nationalities

During the pandemic, Visa On Arrival (VOA) was suspended by the Indonesian government. Foreigners can only enter Bali and other Indonesian cities/ islands using B211 Business Visa which costs approximately $250. But now, under the quarantine-free pilot program, 23 nationalities are allowed to enter Bali using the VOA. VOA is granted for a 30-days stay and could be extended once for another 30-days. The fee is $35 or roughly 500.000 Rupiah.

Here is the list of 23 countries that are eligible to enter Bali, Indonesia using VOA :

  1. USA
  2. Vietnam
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. South Korea
  6. Laos
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Malaysia
  9. Myanmar
  10. Brunei Darussalam
  11. France
  12. Philippines
  13. Qatar
  14. UK
  15. New Zealand
  16. Italy
  17. Singapore
  18. Japan
  19. Thailand
  20. Germany
  21. Turkey
  22. Cambodia
  23. United Arab Emirates

Indonesia Domestic Travel is No Longer Require Antigen/ PCR Test

Another good news from Indonesia is, starting from March 8, travelers could travel domestically without needing to take an antigen/ PCR test. Under the new policy, you don’t need to take an antigen/ PCR test if you wanna fly from Bali to Jakarta or Lombok island, for instance, if you have received the second or complete dose of vaccine, or already gotten a booster. But if you’ve only received the first dose of vaccine, you’re still required to take an antigen test 1 day prior to departure, or a PCR test 3 days before departure.

The new policy is applied for land, air, and sea travel.

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