What Covid-19 Had Done to My Travel Plans and My Travel Plans for 2021

2016-2019 was the golden years during my travel career. But, 2020 is undoubtedly a catastrophe to my travel plans. What Covid-19 had done to my travel plans, what I have done to compromise with the situations, and where will I go next year? Let’s break it down year by year.


The Golden Year. I began my adventures in Western Europe in 2016 and after that, I can’t stop moving around the world. Financially I was doing well and I was also in a good emotional state. Life was easy and happy. I’d closed the year by exploring 4 cities in Vietnam and promised myself to return soon.


I chose Hanoi, Vietnam as my 2nd home and began my life as a digital nomad. I felt so free, calm, and peaceful. Finally, I found a way to get out of corporate life and office politics. Life has been generally working as I planned. A new life, love, and adventures around Europe, Indonesia, and Vietnam marked that year. I thought it was the end of my journey.

In terms of career, who’s gonna expect that an invitation from my senior could turn my whole career and help me to survive (more than that actually). I’ve created a job for me in Vietnam. Creativity and entrepreneurship marked this year. Besides that, I’d taught English for the kids in rural Vietnam for a very brief time.


Still exploring Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and finally had the 3rd Europe trip before visiting the US. What an adventure!


I got many experiences during living in the US. But then I came back to Indonesia in the spring. This is the year with the highest frequency of travel, but I’d done some of it not because of curiosity or for fun. Though I travel a lot, around 11 x, half of it I’d done it to fasten the healing process. It was the toughest year and by the end of the year, I was forced to admit that my plan doesn’t work as I wanted, no matter how hard I worked for it. It’s beyond my control. The God saved me before my plan destroyed me :p

Reaching the end of the year, I was considering to go back to Europe as I wanted to visit Northern Europe. I like the idea of visiting it in winter, but as I grow older, I don’t fancy solo travel as before. And exploring Scandinavian countries by myself in winter sounded depressing. At the time I thought that I shouldn’t be too ambitious visiting as many countries as possible. That region is also known to be very expensive and I want to travel more comfortably. I don’t know nor curious about their culture too. So I decided to switch my travel plan to visit Taiwan and Japan. And it was indeed an amazing experience.


Japan and Singapore are the only countries I’ve visited this year. But I am in a way better emotional state. I feel like being resurrected :p, kidding. What I mean is, I am ready to travel to fulfill my curiosity about history and culture again.

Spending 7 days in Singapore seemed like a mistake. I should have gone back to Taiwan then enter Japan again to get 15 days to stay permit (I didn’t use a visa to enter Japan, hence I only can stay there for 16 days). After all, I love Taiwanese food and their friendliness, and Japan is the first foreign culture that I love (China isn’t foreign).


1. Malaysia

In May, I supposed to go to Penang. I’ve been longing to visit this city and I’ve bought 2 tickets since the year before (got a very good deal). Since we had to stay at home since the middle of March, of course, I had to cancel the trip.

2. Japan

Another trip to Japan was supposed to be done in May. I’d like to visit Tokyo again and then go to the north to visit Maya in Yamagata, Fukushima, and Hokkaido island. Also, spending more time in Tokyo because of some reason. I was locked in Jakarta so bye-bye Japan.


1. China

It’s been on my list for so long. Ironically, I just decided to visit the country and I had even made the route a few moments before the Chinese government put the city of Wuhan on lockdown. I am learning the language. I hope I could use it to communicate with people.

I plan to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Harbin, Kunming, Yunnan, and if possible Tibet. I might need a month only for this one country.

2. Japan

I want to go back to Japan. Was dreaming of staying there for 3 months but maybe gonna use the time for another country.

3. Canada

I’ve been longing to visit Banff National Park and Lake Louise. Toronto and Quebec province also on my list. I might combine this trip with a trip to Northern Europe.

4. Malaysia

It’s very close and affordable. Why not spend a few days in Penang before departing for my grand trip?

5. Northern Europe

Finally, the trip that I had postponed last year is back on my list. Since now I become a bit more curious and I got to know the region a bit, it seems next year is the right time to visit Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, then continue the trip to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and if possible Portugal, France, and Italy. I might start it from Canada and end it in Europe. We will see.

6. Indonesia

Before I forgot, I need to tell you too that I have a plan to visit some exotic islands in my country including my favorite Gili Trawangan in summer.

All those travel plans can only be done after spring next year as now I have to be a more responsible adult. I might can’t visit all of it or might can if my financial situation is going well this year. My grand trip is supposed to be the last solo travel trip.

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